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About Us

WineHub, Devon’s online wine store was established in 2017

After years of buying blind in supermarkets and being constantly disappointed I never really got into wines.

What is all the fuss about? I thought. French, Italian, new world or old world, its all the same, surely?

I never knew how wrong I was until just over 2 years ago whilst in Hong Kong, I met the guys at Winerack Hong Kong in my family’s hometown of Sai Kung. I started off just wanting a part time job but after a few months I became addicted to exploring the world of wine and went full-time.

“I learnt so much and will be forever grateful to my colleagues at Winerack Hong Kong for introducing me to the world of wine and after visiting so many Wine expos and meeting so many potential suppliers I just thought it would be amazing to be able to bring this back home to Devon”
Arthur Lai, 2017

It was the best possible way to be thrown into the real world of wines with experts and enthusiast left and right sharing their knowledge with me. The amazing thing was, it wasn’t just my colleagues I was learning from, but also customers who weren’t just drinkers but enthusiasts who loved wine and everything about it.

Over my time with Winerack this enthusiasm rubbed off on me and with expert advice and guidance I became more confident with wines and always wanted to know more, taste more and share that with everyone I knew.

In May 2017 I left Winerack with a heavy heart, as they had become my family away from home. However, I missed my real home more, Exmouth in beautiful Devon, and when I returned I realised I had to pursue my new love of wines and thus I started my new chapter in life, Wine Hub Devon.

At Wine Hub I have tried and tasted each and every wine in our range, and this is almost like my own personal collection of wines, which I want to share with you. I know first hand how important it is to know what you are getting and even though wine is very personal I wouldn’t keep a wine I wouldn’t love myself.

I’ve tried my best to find the best example of each wine for the best price. As I know everyone leads a busy life I’ve made it easier by making all my wines available for delivery on the same day if you’re nearby or next day for the rest of Devon.

My colleague in Hong Kong once said,

“A great wine is one you taste once and remember forever”

I hope I can help you discover your favourites, which you will remember forever in Wine Hub.


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